April 2, 2015

A is for Arroyo

Most places have rivers. In the desert, we have washes. Dry ones. They are called arroyos. They fill up when it rains and then they dry up. Sometimes they REALLY fill up.

When it rains the water causes a flash flood.

Some arroyos are really deep and wide. One of the largest is the Santa Cruz river. It is dry for most of the year. 

Here are a couple of photos to help give you a perspective of what it looks like when it is dry or kind of dry like the photo directly below.

DSC01230 Santa Cruz River
Photo by lasertrimman

Photo by R.S. Walker

But then it rains and the excitement begins.

Photo by

Photo by



  1. Wow! That is a scary amount of water in some of those pictures! Good choice for "A". I learned a new word!! :)

  2. I've heard the word Arroyo but only when used in the name of a restaurant. I had no idea what an arroyo was until you just explained it. Thanks! A new word for my vocabulary. Love it!
    Michele at Angels Bark

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