April 5, 2005


I sure did have a tough time waking up this morning. I don't know why as I even slept later than yesterday. I sure hope I don't have this problem tomorrow as I need to wake up and work out at 5:30am.

I know I have said it before but work is super busy. Tax day is approaching and my case load just keeps getting bigger. I think I may be staying late tonight. That is if the headache I feel coming on does not get any worse.

As for the interview yesterday. It did not go well. The interview went fine but the position is not for me. Now I am just waiting to see if I get called back on the scheduling position (which I really want) and if not then there is one more position opening in that department that I will go for.

As for Norton - did I mention they suck? As I expected I did NOT receive the callback I was promised. If they ever do decide to call me back they will definitely receive an earful!

So that's it with me. I never said my life was exciting. Although sometimes I really imagine it is. :-)

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