April 13, 2005

Snobby Scrapbookers

You may have noticed a link for a scrapping ring on my sidebar the past week and a half. It is no longer there.

For months I had been looking for other scrapbookers who blogged. There were none that I could find. I was going to start my own ring when I found out there were some recent ones already out there. I even filled out the info to join one. Well I must say I am disappointed in the snobby scrapbookers that are out there. Forgive me for not being a 2 peas snob! No where on the ring site info does it state that the person must be a friend of the ring owner or a 2 peas snob. I should have already known this. I post to 2 peas but not that often because of how rude they get on that site. I am so disappointed but I should not be surprised. I visited each of the blogs on this ring and commented on them - not a single response to my comments.

Now on the other hand I am part of a crochet ring and also a knitting ring. I must tell you that the people on these rings are the nicest people ever! I have not met online (other than an email list) a finer bunch of people. Even their message boards are the friendliest places.

Update (04/25/05): I am sorry if I appear to be the one that is being snobby. I did not mean to come off that way yet I think I did. Please ignore the above post. I was most definitely have a bad week.


  1. Hi! Sorry to hear about this. I'm somewhat new to scrapbooking. Started last year,no where nearly as good as you are. LOL Don't give up on starting your own ring though. I'm betting theres others who want to join one,and aren't looking to join in with the snobs. :)

  2. OMG! Please don't feel like I was beingsnobbish-I haven't checked my ring queue list this week (until this evening) and hadn't seen you had the code up. I do apologize for not adding you in. I started this ring to add all scrappers who blogged. If you need the code again and still want to join, please email me at howjudiofyou@gmail.com.

    Again-I apologize!

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