April 4, 2005

Busy Busy

Just a quick update today. I am busy busy due to tax season. I am the only person changing account information for every single department. I hope the customers are not too upset at the wait.

I was a good girl this morning and woke up early to make it to Curves at 5:30am. Yep that is AM! I am not a morning gal. Talk about surprising my mom. It is only the first day but so far, I am loving the 8-5 schedule. I have a feeling that I will need to work late each day this week but tonight is out as I have to hurry home to wait for 2nd tier support to call me for my Norton Anti-virus that is NOT working and to fix other issues with my computer caused by their terrible technical support. I will not even start to go into how long I waited or had to deal with, as I don’t want to get ticked off again today. How many times do you have to tell a person that you do NOT have Windows XP! Outsourcing sucks!

I do have another interview today so I am all gussied up! It is the first interview for the 2nd position I applied for. The weird thing is, everyone else that applied for this position have their interviews on Thursday. I am the only one that has an interview today. That really makes me nervous.

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  1. Hi there! I found your blog while searching for other cross stitchers. Your photos make me homesick for Tucson. Good luck with your interviews. BTW I don't like Rob and Amber either!

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