April 27, 2005

Strictly Scrapbooking

What size pages do you scrap?

small~ medium~ large

What kind of albums do you use?

Post Bound ~ 3-ring ~ strap hinge

Do you prefer textured cardstock or plain?

Lumpy or flat?

I mainly scrap 8.5 x 11 unless the photos are from a vacation trip. All vacations go in their own 12x12 album (or they will if I ever get to scrapping them). I did a 5x7 gift album once for my sister.

I use Dalee post bound albums.

I prefer to use textured cardstock (Bazzill all the way Baby!)It feels weird if I have to use smooth cardstock and I find that I rarely use it. Which is sad as I do have a stockpile of cardstock (smooth and textured) and the smooth stuff is not going anywhere.

Yeah I am lumpy (Hey! We are talking about scrap pages here!)But I would say I was a mid-weight lumpy scrapper as I don't like my pages too heavy.


  1. I have scrapped all sizes but I am currently enjoying the 8.5 by 11 size- landscape. Very fun space to work with.

    I like a post bound album best.

    and oh so lumpy!!!!!

  2. I scrap mainly 12 x 12 but on occasion I have made 8 x 11 and also 8 x 8 pages.

    I was mainly CM albums until this past year where I switched to top loading post albums. Oh I also have a 3 ring friend binder which I sometimes put pages into

    I use both textured and plain. Mainly whatever paper matches the photos I use. I do like solid cardstock though. There are only sometimes when I use patterned paper.

    I do both lumpy and flat pages. Don't like my book to be too thick where it doesn't close.

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