February 3, 2006

Happy Friday :-)

It is finally Friday and payday. It is about time it finally got here. What more could a person want?

Yesterday (Thursday) was another walking day. I cannot believe I walked twice this week already – GO ME! The ankles ached but the knees are fine. I really do need to get me a new pair of shoes though. I again put on the walking shoes I bought and the left foot fit fine this time but the right foot still has the heel moving too much. That is weird as my right foot is bigger. I found a cool pair of shoes at an online store (I have a catalog) they were so cute. All my tennis shoes have been white with very little color. These were Black/Grey/Pink and for some reason I fell in love with them. I kept my fingers crossed that they still had them as the catalog was over a year old. It didn’t work.

I got so into having to buy new shoes that I kept thinking I would take the ones I have back and exchange them for a different pair BUT I cannot find the receipt for the pair that I bought. So I think I am stuck with them. I did find a website with info on how to tie your shoe laces different to make the heel fit better. I may have to try that out. I hope it works as I am broke and cannot buy any new shoes right now. I do plan to buy some when I start running though.

Last night I watched the remake of The Fog. B was there but as usual he fell asleep right after it started. I remember when he used to stay up later than me. That no longer happens. He is an early morning boy now. The movie was alright. I had never seen the original. Have you seen it? What did you think?

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  1. I saw the original when I was younger and all I can remember is being scared out of my mind.

    Sorry about the vandalism at the complex. That really sucks.

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