February 9, 2006

My very own cloud

Have you seen those Word Clouds that will show the most used words on a site and the more often those words are used the larger they are on the Word Cloud? Well I came across a site today that lets you make your own Word Cloud. You can also put it on a T-shirt. What a cool idea I thought, but after making a Word Cloud of my blog, I have realized something. Shucks my site is boring! Just look at how small the word "Party" is. I really need to start living it up!!!

Speaking of PARTY!!!!! This weekend I will be getting together for an overnight scrapping PARTY with my friends (you know who you are). I cannot wait!!!!! PARTY ON!!!!

Update on the broken car windows at my apartment complex. I guess the son of one of the tenents went berserk and just went to town busting out all the windows. This son was NOT a child. He was dragged away to the psych ward. After speaking to the management I also found out that the after-hours number I called was aware of this situation and that I was NOT the only one calling in about it.

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