February 28, 2006

What do these numbers mean?


If you said radio stations you would be wrong.

I have been sick since last Friday. On Sunday I finally took my temperature and it was 101.1. Is that high? Is that bad? I don't know anymore. I only know that 102 is high and I was not THAT high.

I am currenly at work and currently at 100.9. If it goes up any higher I am out of here.

Update: Well I am starting to feel achey and I don't understand why this fever goes up and down so much. I did about 50 cases so I feel that my day was semi-productive. I still have not been hungry today although that did not stop me from scarfing down 2 donuts and I have another to take home with me. I do not even like donuts so I must be sick. LOL!

I think I will just head home and buy me some orange juice and get comfy in front of the television with my Nyquil. Hopefully dh will not get too upset. For some reason I think he feels that I get sick on purpose so I don't have to do the housework. He complains about it enough that I know he feels this way.


  1. That is definately a fever! Take some extra vitamin c, eat some chicken soup and go straight to bed. If dh says anything throw the thermometer at him and stay in bed!

  2. 1, yes that IS high, and 2, it fluctuates because of changes in your body through out the day. When I get fevers, I tend to be ok during the day, but come night, I'm a burning inferno. Drink fluids! Get rest! Get better! :)

  3. Thank you everyone. I hope I get to feeling better soon too. :-)

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