February 21, 2006

No chicken

There was supposed to be a chicken over there. Over there to the left. Do you see a chicken? Of course not. Why not? Cause Blogger would not let me upload a picture of a chicken. So I sure do hope you all have a wonderful sense of imagination.

Today (so far) has been a much better day. My whole mood is different. Isn’t that a good thing? I could not tell you what is different today from yesterday. Well maybe the fact that I have not had a creditor call first thing in the AM helped. I am not used to being harassed by collectors. My credit is good EXCEPT for this ONE card! This card is from the bank that I am currently having issues with. The bank that does not allow online payment for this credit card and charges you to make a payment over the phone. As someone that pays most of my bills online I sure wish I knew this before I got the credit card. I told the collectors that they sure do make it hard for people to pay their bill as they only allow mail payments and in the bank payments but they are only open until 4pm.

But enough about the idiots at the bank. I will NOT let that get me down today. Not even the rubbery chicken I just had for lunch can get me down. I don’t know why I expected anything different when it only cost $1.00. I have accomplished a lot today at work and yet I am debating going home early. So should I? I think I feel a headache coming on……


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