February 23, 2006

The weekend is almost here

Busy Busy day today. I got a lot accomplished. At work that is. Home is a different story. I have so much to do I don’t even want to think about it.

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from my sister. She had gotten a job here at my work a few months back. It seems that they cut a lot of the positions and she was one of the ones to go. I feel so bad for her. She was not a permanent employee but when she was hired she was expecting to be here until at least April. I hope she finds a new job soon cause I really feel guilty and bad about it. She is a pretty girl and very smart so I am sure she will find another job soon. She mainly took this job to have money in case she ends up teaching in France. I really do hope she gets that teaching position cause I know she will just love it! I have already been asked by one of her ex-superiors if she would want to go out with him. How do I know. LOL! I don't even know how to bring up the subject and ask her. Okay. Who am I kidding. I am sure the next time I talk with her it will be the first subject that comes up.

Even though we are broke I think Chinese is in order for tonight’s dinner. We will only order from one place and it is about 15 minutes from our apartment. Since I am coming from work it will probably take me 30 minutes to get there and then another 15 minutes to get home. It is all worth it I tell you as this place makes amazing food!!!!!

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