April 25, 2006

It's Back!

I think my sinus infection is back. Well I think it is back.

This whole past weekend I was under the weather. My sinuses are killing me. I never had allergies and now at my age I get them. Sunday I was in a fog the entire day and I don’t think my butt left the sofa.

Monday, I woke up okay but still had a headache. I took tons of stuff (even had to use my inhaler) and felt well enough to handle the day. Although I felt like I would float away at any given time. Last night, I did not really do anything physical but when I went to bed, every joint ached. I could not figure out why. Even my toes ached. I was also FREEZING and could not get warm. I think I finally felt comfortable enough to sleep 45 minutes after I went to bed.
I woke up this morning and my cough is back. It did not even start out little but came back full force so I am back to using my inhaler. I am still achy but I am here at work. I don’t think I will stay the whole day though.

My boss has been out the last couple of days, sick. We don’t know his symptoms are but I just found out that 2 other co-workers have the same symptoms as me. Achy and FREEZING. So either the sinus infection is back or we all have something that is going around. Either way I am not happy. I just want to go back to being healthy.

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