April 3, 2006


Well the weekend of ‘getting it done’ kind of fizzled out. The mosaic above is what I actually did this past weekend. I can tell ya now...it was not much.

Friday started off the weekend with visiting my true love aka Target. I surprised myself by spending no more than $65.00. I put back the scrapbook stuff and then kicked myself later when I ended up needing it.

I got home and filed my nails (good start to the cleaning don’t you think) while watching “Deal or No Deal” (B’s new favorite show). Then I did something I have not done in awhile. I SCRAPPED! As soon as I find my scanner I will scan in my latest layout and share.

Saturday started out pretty well. I got up at a decent time and ran to the bank where I opened a new checking account and found out it was not free. So now I have a checking account but no checks. :-( Then I got tons of quarters (the bank actually shorted me on the rolls) and found out that we are really poor this week. All I can say is that I hope we have enough for rent which is due today. I even went to the scrapbook store but then thought about being poor and left without buying anything.

Once home I decided I would clean (not the room that needed it the most) but the living room. I thought I would start out simple and clean the cleanest room in the house. It was quite dusty and B likes to have his toys out all over. I dusted all the knick knacks and vacuumed (why does he hide stuff under the rug?). It took me quite awhile to clean up a room that was basically clean except for dust. Then I picked up the kitchen a bit (cleared off the counter etc). Then B came home and that is where my cleaning stopped. For some reason I cannot clean when he is there and for some reason he expects all cleaning to be done before he gets home. It makes me feel like a kid and I don’t like that. B’s comment when he saw the clean living room was that he had planned to clean it on Sunday. Well…. that is fine since it was mostly his stuff all over but did he decide to pick up anything else instead? Nope.

Sunday was quite the lazy day. We watched a couple of movies and that is basically it.

I decided to re-join FlyLady (thank you Amber). Hopefully this time I will actually make a control journal. I think what I find hard about FlyLady is not the reminders or anything else she sends out but that it is hard to adapt to those of us that work outside of the home. I am going to have to adjust mostly everything so that it works for me. I usually save all my cleaning and errands for the weekends as I only have a couple of hours after work to do things. It will be hard to not save everything to do on the weekends but I am sure I can do it.

As for today (Monday), I am actually in the mood to work however both my wrists are killing me and my databases keep going down. I guess maybe that is a sign that I need to go home?


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