April 12, 2006

You may want to stay away

I am a mess. It started yesterday with a very painful ear ache. My throat is also sore on the same side as my hurting ear. Today add on a pain on my side (mostly on my back but also in the front) ~ the same side as my ear ache. It hurts to move and even to laugh. The pain on my back is right and a little below where the bra strap is (guys look at a girl to see where that is) and in the front, I feel the pain more in the right side of my stomach. Very weird. Maybe if I had a chair with a back I could actually use I would feel a little better. Right now I have this icky ergonomical (is that the correct spelling?) chair that tilts back so far that my hands don’t reach the keyboard. If I want to type I have to sit at the very edge.

Last night, I worked late and got home around 7:30ish. DH had a friend over so we all watched “A History of Violence”. All I can say is….what did the sex scenes (and full nudity) add? Nothing but eye candy for the guys and many comments from DH’s friend while watching.

We will not even begin to discuss how mad I am today that the stupid car insurance that was supposed to be $183.00 was instead $228.00 and now I have a negative balance and no one seems to care. I called the insurance agent and his response was that since he didn’t personally talk to me there was nothing he could do (he had originally talked to my dad or my dad’s secretary – both of whom are NOT on my account). When I asked him if it were normal for him to change an account by someone that is not even on the account – his response was ‘well maybe we should not do that’. I think what upset me even more was that this guy sounded exactly like the boss in ‘Office Space’. His voice was SO irritating.

Then B gets mad at me because I called him to tell him what happened and not to spend any money and it is his day off. He tells me I am not to give him bad news on his day off. And he says I don’t live in reality. I think I am at my wits end with all of it. I am so angry I cannot stop crying and I am at work!


  1. I hope today is better. I didn't even know this was going on with you yesterday!

  2. Thanks.

    So far so good. I am dirt poor but it has been okay. Hopefully B will not try to spend any money. I get paid tonight at midnight but I am crossing my fingers that it is deposited early.

    We decorated cookies today at work which I really did NOT need as they are full of sugar. So far though I have only eaten two. Once I get the photos downloaded at home I will post an update so that means my day could change or it could continue to be good.

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