April 10, 2006

The mojo just...left

This past weekend I was part of an online crop with challenges. The challenges were very specific and I actually found them challenging (go figure). It was hard for me to work on them. In fact there are a total of 12 challenges yet I have only at this time completed one. YEP! Just one! Most of the challenges are sketches and they have to be exact so that is hard.
This one layout I am currently working on has a 'swish'. I think the problem I am having is that my 'swish' is backwards but I am still going to use it as is. This picture is my page so far. I really think it needs something but cannot figure out what. I may put something around (like a border) the white circle. I still need to ink that circle too. I plan on putting the names and where we are along the red 'swish' in my own handwriting (gasp!).

Any ideas on what I can add to this layout? I have to keep the 'swish', the circles and the photo the exact way they are so that it matches the sketch but I think the layout just needs something more. Can you help?


  1. Dude, journal and leave it alone! Seriously just do the writing and post it. You can always change it later. Move on girlfriend!

  2. That is exactly what I did. I will share soon.

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