April 6, 2006


If I never see another computer screen it would be too soon. So what am I doing online? At home? After 11pm?

I woke up this morning and my eyes were red and oh so tired. They are still tired and red tonight. Since we are getting near tax time (the day I need to have my queues empty) and the one person that was helping me a bit is on vacation, I got approval for some overtime. Boy did I over work today. I am exhausted.

Yet.....here I am at home, back on the computer. I think I am addicted.

Lately, I have been working extra hours each day so that on Fridays I can leave early. So if I had not gotten the OT approval, tomorrow I would normally work say....9am to 2pm. Even though I caught up tons today I probably won't have that many finished by 2pm so I may just stay longer. I am happy that I will have the overtime. I will be less stressed to finish everything in my 8 hours a day (5.5 hrs tomorrow) and plus the little extra money sure would help out. My goal though tomorrow is to see how many I get done by 2pm and if it is a decent amount then I am out of there!

I guess I better get to bed before B yells at me for being up so late. I can barely keep my eyes open and yet I always force myself to stay up late. Why is that I wonder?

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