June 13, 2007

1/2 the hair

I now have ½ the hair that I had when I woke up this morning.

It has probably been over a year since I last had it cut. I now have layers (I think) and bangs. I finally got the courage to go in and get and get it cut and I did not even cry. Of course, I tried not to look at my Uncle’s empty station or any of the pictures. It is hard having someone new cut my hair. One of the newer ladies to the salon (she started 2 days after the funeral) cut my hair. I like her. She talks a lot. I had envisioned getting a different haircut, but when I went in today, I just let her cut it. Now I just need to cover up the grey and I will be all set.


And now to my eBay saga…..

So….you want to know how to get an eBay seller to respond to your email? Send an email with the wrong item number. LOL! I had emailed the seller a few more times asking for the tracking # for my purchase. She NEVER responded. I sent another email the other day and somehow the wrong item number was attached. Well that sure did get her attention. She responded today. She said she was confused and wanted to know if I had multiple eBay names. She also stated she had the tracking # for my purchase. I also received a PayPal shipping confirmation today. It states that my package was mailed out today. What a liar this seller is. The one and only email she had sent to me before stated that my package was mailed on June 7th ~ last week! I just knew she was stalling me! I will be sure to avoid any of her auctions in the future.


  1. LOVE the cut!!! Totally young and hip you foxy thing you!

  2. The 'do is fabulous Stef! You are a new woman! Love your blog girl!

  3. I knew that ebay person was doing something like that! How does she expect to get good feedback without communication and honesty?!
    Love the sexy new hairdo by the way! :-)

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