June 21, 2007

Suds, Scrapping & Stuffiness

Yesterday was laundry day. I seriously have not done any laundry for quite awhile. It is not as if I have needed to wear my clothes anywhere since I just hang out at home. I usually just wash B’s clothes for the week and that is it. I like doing laundry but I don’t like that we have to pay $2.00 to wash/dry a load of clothes. My mom has suggested I go and use her washer/dryer until we find a place that will allow us to have our own. I LOVE my mom’s washer. What would usually be 2/3 loads in the laundry-mat washer is just one load in my mom’s washer. I seriously washed so many clothes it was awesome!

Since my parents have a cable Internet connection, I had planned to read blogs and just surf around online. I did not remember that it was summer vacation. Want to know what a 15-year-old does all day? Yep! He rarely even moved.

So it was a good thing that I had planned a backup solution on how to spend my time. I scrapped. Yes, that is right, I still had my scrapping bag packed from my night out with the Divas and so I just took it with me. I even managed to crank out a page. But sadly, even my mom commented on how slow I scrap. LOL!

I am happy with how this page turned out. It is a bit plain but it is done. This is boy #2. I think this is the first page I have ever scrapped with just him. If I thought it was hard to get pictures of boy #1 ~ it is even harder to get pictures of this one.

Today was not as good as yesterday. I woke up with a stuffed-up head and was quite achey. Not even the Sudafed I took helped to clear me up. Of course now that it is late at night, I am feeling much better. Don't know why that always happens. Hmmm maybe that little bit of a nap I took earlier is to blame.

I hope I feel better tomorrow since I think I will treat myself to a movie.

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  1. Feel better soon! Love how your page turned out!

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