June 27, 2007

Float On

I was not too happy with the hubby last night so I treated myself to a movie. I finally got to see the movie, “Knocked Up.” This is the movie that B and I tried to see on Sunday but it was sold out. I was surprised at how many guys were there. Alone. Without a girl to drag them there. I think there were more guys in the theater than girls and there was one guy down in front that just would not stop laughing. It was too funny. The laughing guy and the movie. I think B would like this movie too so I have not told him yet that I already saw it. Maybe he will want to try to take me to the movie and I can see it again. :)

And on to the continuing eBay saga…

I am sorry to say that it looks like I have been the victim of fraud. I am so upset at this eBay seller! After 26 days of no item (28 days now), I finally submitted a claim thru Paypal. The seller immediately sent PayPal the shipping label and so now, I have to wait for a determination. I sure do hope that Paypal contacts me so that I can give them all the info. I also submitted negative feedback and guess what? I was promptly contacted by another gal that purchased a Silhouette from this eBay seller. It seems that so far there are 3 of us that seem to have been scammed. I can tell you though, it does make me feel a teeny bit better that I am not the only one that is going thru this mess. Keep your fingers crossed that I get my money back.


  1. That is so evil to do that to people! How can they think they can just get away with doing something like that!? Thankfully with the hundreds of transactions I've been through on ebay I've never been scammed. I hope this all gets resolved quickly for you.

  2. I hope this gets resolved soon! What a crappy seller!

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