June 28, 2007


Someone was not very happy today.

Someone had to go into the little blue pet carrier, go outside and take a drive to the vet.

Someone did not like it.

That someone could either be me or Cairo the cat, take your pick.

All I can tell you is that she TOTALLY hated it! She yowled from the moment she went into the carrier until she heard the vet unlock the front door of the office. I have never seen her get herself so small either. She jammed herself into the back of the carrier and had to be dumped out. You would think she would be used to going to the vet. Maybe that is part of the problem. She KNOWS what goes on at the vet. Poor thing had to get poked and prodded and was not very cooperative.

Back into the carrier she went and as soon as we were out the door, she picked right back up with the yowling. We are now waiting for some medicine that is only available in Europe to get here so she can finally be cured. I sure do hope this medicine will do the trick. Please keep your fingers crossed that I am able to give her this medicine without too much trouble. She is so hard to get medicine into.


  1. What is wrong with her? What kind of medicine is she gonna get? She does look very unhappy, poor girl. she'll get over it!!! :)

    My kitty had a dentistry this week and she was NOT happy at all.

    Cats are funny creatures :)

  2. Well, the word yowl said it all for me! As a cat owner I know the sound, and painful as it is to listen to you did the right thing. I hope she can teake it for your sake and hers! Good luc!k

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