June 9, 2007


Have you seen the commercial where the mom is looking at the cell phone bill and asks the daughter who she is texting? I laugh when I see it. What makes me laugh even more is the email I received from the boy (he’s 15) in response to one that I sent him. The first words of the email?


That had me rolling! Good thing I saw that cell phone commercial or else I would not know what he was talking about!

On Friday, two little somebodies turned 3!! I cannot believe that the twins are 3 years old! I am actually in the process of scrapping pictures from their 1st birthday right now. I think I need to speed up on the scrapping though or else I will be scrapping these pictures when they turn five!


As for my eBay purchase. I am not too happy. I sent the gal 2 emails. She responded to the 2nd email I sent saying she was mailing the package that day (8 days after payment) and that she would send the tracking number ASAP. Well I don’t know what ASAP means to her but I still have not received that tracking number. Is this normal? I have never experienced this before on any eBay purchase. Of course, I have never spent $300.00 on a eBay purchase before either. I would have thought the least the gal could have done was email me after the close of the purchase just to let me know what was up. I sent her another email tonight asking for the tracking number. Let’s see how long it takes for her to respond.


  1. I've got sooooo much catch up scrapping to do!

    I sure hope you recieve your ebay purchase soon!

  2. I'm wondering if she actually HAD the machine in stock when she sold it, or was she waiting to receive it? I think a lot of Ebay sellers do that and it makes me mad! Hope you get it soon!

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