January 5, 2008

I have *ONE*

That is…one finished layout for 2008! It only took me a few days but it is finished and uploaded to the LOAD challenge gallery. Go me! ;)

I started out wanting to create a round page since I have never scrapped a shaped page before. I had planned to cut the photo edges so that the layout would be totally round but then I got to thinking how this layout would look once it was in the scrapbook. I just *knew* it would bug me to have the next page in my scrapbook showing thru. So, I decided to not cut the photos and to stick the round shape down onto a regular page. Now I no longer have to stress. LOL! I am very happy with how it turned out.


  1. Wonderful layout Stef! I love the way it turned out!

  2. What a great layout Stef! We call those 'air tickles'! One of our friends' kids giggles to death with air tickles. I think that is so darned cute.

    You did great on the layout!


  3. Girlfriend you need to scrap more! This is a fantastic page! I love the design and colors.

  4. Great job on your first page for the new year. Love the circle idea. And I too agree with you about the photos being square. I'm so into square and rectangle. You would hardly ever see a circle or oval on my pages. Great colors.

  5. Thank you Angie, Euvah, Amber & Laura for the visit and taking the time to comment. You guys have made me feel all giddy inside. :)

    Euvah "air tickles" is the perfect name for it.

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