January 3, 2008


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Is this thing on?

I find it kind of funny that people I know don’t read this blog and people I don’t know do. That is why I find it so weird that I worry about what I put up on the blog. I worry so much about hurting people’s feelings but if they don’t even read it why should I worry so much. I am not talking about being mean to someone about what I post but really putting my feelings out there. I worry that some people I know would be offended. But, if they don’t even read it, why should it bother me? It does kind of make me sad that my own friends – well the very few that I have, don’t even read my blog. Especially since I kind of hoped it would help those that live so far away keep in touch.

Today was the husband’s birthday. The big THREE-EIGHT! We spent a nice day at home. He had a friend come over and Rock Band was played. I on the other hand tried to finish up a layout I started yesterday. I don’t know why it takes me so long to finish a page. I don’t think I would make a very good candidate for doing any Layout-a-Day challenges. My 365 day project is still moving along though. I am already half-way thru the project. Time sure does fly! Oh and the layout? Still not finished.


  1. Some of us read everything you write but we don't comment. I'm not good at the comment thing. Sorry.

    Happy Bday to the hubs!

  2. Well gosh darn it why don't you? LOL!

    I *knew* I should have written that I did not mean my divas. I almost did but then that would be me trying not to upset anyone.

    I thought about it more last night. The more I try to be specific or explain things, the more it sounds like excuses. No more excuses from me (let's hope). ;)

    Love ya Amber! So when are we going to the new scrapbook store?

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