January 23, 2008

People must really like bananas

The "I can't believe I am doing this when the husband has friends over" shotI had a lovely surprise when I visited my flickr account last night. My green banana hat picture that I posted yesterday had over 66 hits! (This afternoon it is now up to 76 hits) Not only that but my total account had 252 hits! Just for yesterday! My most popular picture only has 289 hits and the rest maybe average 10/20 hits ever. I cannot believe that THAT many people came to see my pictures yesterday.

Now only if they would comment and tell me if they are any good. LOL!

Who knew that bananas would be the way to go? Today's topic (if I chose to accept it) is "The Eyes." Normally I would LOVE to do a photo of my eyes, but lately they seem to always be bloodshot. Now how sexy is that? I don't think I can ever top the excitement of a green banana hat though. Everyone that participated had the best pictures and one even made it to Explore! If you check it out, you'll see why. It cracks me up everytime I see it. They were all hilarious and so very creative.

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