January 15, 2008

My first EXPLORE!

My first EXPLORE!


Who would have thought!

Life is worth living now! LOL!

Seriously! Can you tell I am excited?

For those that are not familiar with Flickr. Explore is the top 500 most interesting photos uploaded on a particular day. This one made it to #445. I'll take it!!

Not much scrapping being done at the moment. That is not good for someone that is attempting to scrap a page a day. My total? Three! That is good for me though.

I should be finished with my training (and ready for my externship) in about a month. I am working hard at getting everything completed. I took 4 tests yesterday and that pretty much wiped me out. Today, I have only taken one.

Yesterday we also talked to the company where I will be doing my externship. Since it won’t be a hospital I will actually be able to code. I am looking forward to that and hope that at the end of the month when I am to start my externship that they still want me. Another bonus about this company is that they are only one street away from where I live. Hopefully when I finish my externship, I will then be able to quickly find a job.

Speaking of a job. I need a part-time one. Any ideas on where I could go? It would have to be places that are opened nights and weekends. I was thinking places like Target, JoAnns or Michaels. I wonder if they hire part-time help.


  1. Congrats on the explore! And I know those stores hire part-time, at least in my area. Wouldn't hurt to go in and ask. Sad thing is I don't think those chains give their employees a discount. That would be part of the fun of working for them, duh!

  2. Congratulations! I wanna be here someday :-) Something to shoot for. I had to look through a bazillion great pictures to find the winning one in a size I could actually see. Great job!

  3. Thanks Christy. A discount would be so nice at one of these stores wouldn't it? I still need to go and apply. I think that the bigger stores would be easier to leave once I get a full-time job. Or at least for me. I won't feel as guilty as I would if I were working for a local business.

    Thanks Euvah. I am sure you will be on Explore some day soon. Your pictures are looking good. :) Sorry about the link. I had forgotten to add the link in the description. It is there now though. Thanks for looking thru all my pictures to find it. :)

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