August 21, 2008

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I can't believe that four years ago today I started this blog. This is back when the only craft type blogs I came across were the few knitting blogs. No scrapping blogs out there to be seen. Now EVERYONE has one.

I used to have one of those free Geocities (Yahoo) webpages. Remember those? I loved to change up the code and make it look all purty. My family liked to look at the stuff I posted. At the time I started to upload (well try to upload) my scrapping pages on some of the message boards. It got to be way too much of a hassle to figure out the sizes the files needed to be in order to upload. I remember back then each site was different. Then there was all that other stuff I was being crafty with. The stuff that is pretty much in different boxes in different stages of completion.

So I decided that I needed a place of my own to upload and share my stuff. I wanted more than just the website I already had and that is when I started the blog. Funny thing family all knew about my original website. But the one really knows about it. I kind of like it that way. *Ü*

Things sure have changed since my first post. But then again, after re-reading that first post....nothing has really changed at is all pretty much the same. Well except maybe I was a lot more interesting 4-years ago.


  1. I think you are pretty darned interesting now! And I love your photography :-) Did you take classes?

  2. Well thank you EB. :)

    Thanks for the comment on my photos. I did take classes but that was over 20-years ago. I started in high school and minored in it in college but that was with film and the main thing taught back then was developing and printing. Well at least that is what I remember. LOL! I am sure they taught other stuff as well. This whole digital thing is just so NEW to me. I am still trying to get the hang of it. And when I say get the hang of it, I mean photoshop. LOL!

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