August 2, 2008

Why are Scottish guys just so gosh darn cute?

Darn those Scots!

Just as soon as I hit upload on last night’s post I ran into the living room where I was totally lost as to why The Doctor was still around and why just a few seconds later, he was naked.

At the same time the heavens also opened up and it rained like there was no tomorrow. The husband finally made it back safely with dinner even with the lack of adequate windshield wipers.

Good thing that the show was repeated an hour later. I got to watch the missing 15 minutes which helped to put everything else in about last night’s episode right into place.

So sad about Donna. I actually liked her character, which I think I am in the minority about that.

So now, I wait for the new season of Torchwood. Is there going to be a new one? I will need to check that out. If so, I have a feeling that a couple of more Dr. Who-ites will be transferring over. I don’t know if I would like a show that has ALL old Dr. Who people in it. I kind of like the newbies. Oh and I SO jumped all over the comment about Gwen and her being the Gwen from the 2nd Dr. Who episode or at least I think that is what they were saying as I kind of missed the entire comment. Ever since I saw her on the first episode of Torchwood where Jack says she is special and that he specifically chose her, I have always wondered if there was something about her that he already knews. You know, dealing with the rift and all.

Oh and yesterday, I saw another cutie on the big screen. I watched the movie Penelope. Have you see it? If not you really should do so. Such a lovely love story. I truly recommend it.


  1. Hurrah! You've seen it, and now perhaps you understand why I was inconsolable by the end (you're not in a minority about Donna, while the universe and its mother hated her in The Runaway Bride I don't think there was a single viewer who hadn't come around by the end of the series due to the journey the character had gone through and just... her sheer kickassery. Which was what made the ending doubly sad).

    Yes, there's a new series of Torchwood coming in the autumn but whether I watch it or not... I probably will to see how the new characters bed in but due to the format they're going to show it in (an episode a night, for a week) I'll be relying on iPlayer a lot I think!

    And yes, there was a quick nod to Gwen's previous appearance - "are you from an old Cardiff family by any chance?"

  2. I am glad that I finally did get to see it but boy what a sad ending to it all. Usually when I see a season finale I am left with wanting to see the start of the new season, right then and there but this one was just too sad for me. I will need time to recover. I heard the next season has a new director?

    What an interesting concept for the next season of Torchwood. I don't really think showing it every night will fly here in the States. We are lucky if we get to see Dr. Who/Torchwood once a week. But Torchwood is shown on BBC America and they do things differently than the SciFi channel (which shows Dr. Who). Either way I am just bummed that the shows are censored. :( I am sure that I am missing out on all the good stuff.

    So changing the subject...the hubby and I are looking forward to watching Primevil (is that spelled right?) Has the show already started over there?

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