August 1, 2008

The finale of the finale

To say that I am starting to get excited would be a bit of an understatement. I am and I am not looking forward to the 2nd half of the Dr. Who season finale. It starts in just 25 minutes. I am looking forward to watching it as it is a new episode but then I am sad that there are no more new episodes. Well at least for awhile. Once the show is over, I won't have to worry about mistakenly reading a spoiler since the finale already aired outside of the U.S.

Hmmmmm so the hubby decided we should probably eat something so he just left to get us some eats from Wendy's. There is a huge storm heading this way and hopefully it won't hit until he is back home.

The lighting is starting to get super close so I think it is probably time for me to shut down the computer.

WTF! I just heard the TV from the other room. Looks like the show started 15 minutes ago! Crap!

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