August 10, 2008

Tomorrow will be different

I have mentioned before that my current job is different than any of the others I have had. I have actually loved all the jobs that I have had. I am not saying that they have all been perfect or without issues. But regardless of any prior work issues or frustrations, I still liked them. I had fun.

The job I have now is different. It is more work intensive than any of my prior jobs. I don't mind that, it makes the day go by quicker. The difference that gets to me is the atmosphere. There are 2 sections in my department. We are supposed to be one team. I can tell you that it is really NOT working out that way. It is kind of cliquey. So given that, there really is no socializing going on. People just work.

So here is why tomorrow will be different. The manager of the department lives in a different state. Starting tomorrow she will be here for annual reviews. I have never met her in person. I was interviewed and hired over the phone. I have been told by pretty much everyone that starting tomorrow things will be different. This manager is the type that will not allow any socializing at all. By socializing, I don't mean goofing off. I mean we are not to even say "good morning" or "hello." We are not to ask any one "How are you today?" If a person is talking, even to give a greeting that means they are not working.

Yes....Tomorrow will be different.

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