August 17, 2008

Just a little less stuffy

Well.....I am still not feeling well but I am much much better than I was the day before or even the day before that. I am trying not to get too excited thinking that I may not end up being sick as long as I usually am. Last time I got hit with whatever it is that I keep getting was back in February. I was sick for an entire month! So far, this time it has been different. Maybe it is all that health Karma I sent around over on Facebook. LOL! But as is usual when one gets sick, it always seems to happen on a weekend and by the start of the new work week, all is better.

Other than not being able to breathe all weekend, it wasn't all bad. We finally got some movies from Netflix (they had an 'issue' where they could not send anything out all week). We got a movie that has been at the top of our list from before it was even released on DVD, which was sometime in June. We are talking months! We have been with Netflix ever since they started but the more popular they get, the worse their movie selection is. Well they have the movies, they just never seem to have them in stock any more. All of our movies have a status of "Long Wait." I remember reading years back on how some believe that Netflix will withhold movies from people. Each time I get a movie, I start to believe it. So, I was pretty surprised to actually get this movie, I think that maybe with the Netflix systems off line that maybe they 'forgot' they were holding this movie from us. This movie being... Jumper. It wasn't so bad. Oh and neither was the 2nd episode of Primeval.

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  1. Hi Stefani

    Hope you are feeling better soon! It has been a bad winter season down under with the flu and gastroenteritis...

    Very interesting blog you have got here, but it merits more indepth reading...the ship's connection at the moment is far too slow ! thank you for stopping by !

    take care


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