August 31, 2008

Three days

Three days of no work. I really do love having a three-day weekend. I always make plans to get stuff done but I always seem to bat a zero when it comes to completing anything.

I did manage to wash the hubby’s work clothes. Maybe I will even take them out of the basket and put them away. I finally folded the kitchen towels that were sitting in the basket from the last time I did the wash and that was not last week because I totally forgot to do the laundry last weekend. I knew something was missing that day. Now they sit on my desk. I guess I could put them away in the closet.

I also have a scrapping swap that I need to get done Pronto…as in the pages need to go out on Tuesday. I need to have a picture of myself to put on the page. One would think that after just completing 365 days of self-portraits that I would have no problem finding a picture to use. There are a couple that I like but they are a few months old and I have such a hard time making decisions. Then once I do pick the picture, I need to place the order and hopefully they will be ready in an hour or so. The hubby has the car so I will need to wait until later to pick them up. Plus, with the holiday, I am worried that the photo counter may be closed. I guess if I actually place my order I will get an answer to those questions. But, that would involve selecting a picture.

I don’t even want to think about all the other things I need to do. It is all just so overwhelming. Maybe I will just go and read a book.

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