December 15, 2009


Christmas kitty

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Have you even started?

As for me, I would be in the latter category. No shopping has yet to be done. Nothing has yet to be placed under our tree. The tree skirt is bare...well except for the cat!

I was thinking of going shopping tonight but did not get home until around 6:30pm and by the time I even got motivated to head out it was already 8pm. I ended up not going. I still have tomorrow. Most definitely tomorrow will have to be the day to start as I am involved in a gift exchange at work and I need a gift by Thursday. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. Wish me luck.


  1. We don't even have a tree! I don't feel festive at all this year. But I only have one more gift to get...

  2. I am finding it a bit hard to feel festive as well. One year we did not put up a tree. It felt a bit weird but I have to say I really did enjoy not having to put anything away once Christmas was over.

    This year we just have the tree. We put just a few round ornaments on it and left all the regular personalized ornaments packed up.

    The neighborhood is really neat in that a lot of the houses have Christmas lights. In fact all of the houses on our side (except ours) do. It looks kind of funny to see our dark little house on the street in between all the bright houses.

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