December 2, 2009

Where will I find the time?

Today was a long day.

Nothing out of the ordinary, just a day that felt extraordinarily long. Well it felt that way at work. I was feeling quite weird all day. Really woozy and dizzy and I just could not concentrate very well. Being dizzy is not something that worries me. I get dizzy a lot. Not vertigo, just dizzy. Well actually I really don't know if it is vertigo as I have never talked to any doctors about it. Today was not the usual kind of dizzy. This was more of a not being able to focus (mind or eyes) type of feeling. I did feel somewhat better once I got home. I think it may be due to lack of sleep. Just don't tell the hubby I said that.

Once home I packed as much as I could into the couple of hours that I had. I actually got some studying done tonight and I think I just may make it thru the class before the end date. I totally was not thinking about how the holidays would affect being able to spend time on this class. But since this is a class for work that needed to get done last year, I really needed to start it as soon as I could.

So many things to do this month...what with Christmas, get togethers with friends from long ago, and then of course my class (which needs to be completed by the end of January). I want to send out Christmas cards, decorate, clean my house, get a haircut and I need to go Christmas shopping. I also want to make a few things. I have no idea when I will get to do all of these.

Am I crazy for wanting to do so much? No maybe crazy comes into play when you hear that I have plans to be part of some online crafty fun. So many crafty and scrappy challenges out there this month. I would love for you to join me. We could be crazy and time starved/sleep deprived together.

So....Head on over to ScrapbookDreamer to be part of their 25 Days of Christmas where there will be lots of challenges and prizes!!

If you sign up for the forum please let them know I sent you. We could both win a prize!

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