December 5, 2009

A tree is found

they tell a story

We found a tree.

You don't know how happy those words make me. We were going to go back to one of the stores we visited the night before and buy the one the hubby liked. This morning we decided to try just one more store. We lucked out and found a tree that we both liked. We did not plan on buying a slim tree, (we have never really liked them) but we found one that looks great.

We had just planned on going out to buy a tree but decided to stop to look at ornaments. We found some we liked but the store only had 2 boxes. We ended up driving all the way across town with the hopes that the store's other location would have more. We lucked out and were able to buy a couple more boxes. I am excited that we actually own a tree that is large enough for the ornaments we already have and of course the ones we just purchased.

The hubby worked on the tree all night making it look nice and full. The only problem we encountered was that it was a bit taller than we expected. Going from a tree that is under 5-feet to one that is 7 1/2 feet is quite a change. The ceiling is high enough to accommodate it however we forgot that our ceiling also slants and of course the perfect spot that I had planned to use just happens to be the lowest part of the ceiling. But, I think with a bit of creative furniture re-arranging we just may be able to find a place for it. Then the fun of decorating begins. However.....that will have to wait until tomorrow.

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