December 16, 2009

one step closer


I did it.

Today I went Christmas shopping.

This year the family (my side of it, that is) will not be giving out presents to any of the adults, just the kids. I always have a hard time buying gifts, no matter who the gift is for. But, just how bad could it be? Kids are easy to buy for, right? It took me forever to decide what to buy. Well not forever as I only had an hour before I had to pick up the hubby. But it took that whole hour! It sure was easier to buy them presents when they were babies. Now, not so much.

All I have left to do now is buy a gift for the hubby and I will be all set. Oh wait...I still have to wrap them. That is unless I go with my Mom's method of wrapping. That method being to just give out the present in the store bag it came in. ;-)

Either way I am one step closer to kicking that kitty off the tree skirt and putting something snazzier in her place.

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