November 5, 2004

Another Friday Almost Over

I usually do not post on Fridays as it is my day off. It is my day to run errands. However if you ask B he would say he would expect me to clean the entire house since I am home. I usually end up not doing by errands but today was different. I went to the library to pick up the new book by Janet Evanovich, Metro Girl. I am very excited to read it. I am the first person to check it out and when I went to pick it up I was so excited. It was a downer that no one clapped. LOL! I then went to pay the cable bill (whoo hoo! NOT!). Warning now that time usually spent updating my blog will probably be spent reading. I then decided to drive to the other side of town to check out the local yarn store. I was impressed with the different yarns they have and one of these days would so like to make myself something using them. I have only made one thing for myself and all others have been gifts. The prices were pretty high however and for the projects I am making I did not see any colors I would want to use. Now don't get me wrong they were beautiful colors if the project was for me but since I am making something for someone else, I had to choose just the right colors. I left the yarn store without buying anything. As I was driving back to my side of town I planned to stop at the new Michael's but there was a new super JoAnn's on my side of the road and that is where I stopped. This store carries every type of LionsBrand yarn. I was impressed. I found the exact yarn I wanted for the purse I am making but did not find the right color for the handles so I will have to keep looking. I must tell you I am very picky about spending money and even spending a couple of dollars at the scrapbook store will cause me to think about it for about a ½ hour. I seem not to think when I buy yarn. LOL! My total for 7 balls of yarn (one extra just in case) and a new crochet needle (even though with my gauging I probably won't use it) came to over $47.00. So now that the credit card is maxed out I have to make a decision. I was making this purse for my mother and mother in law because I wanted less expensive gifts this year. If I am making 2 purses at $50.00 each that is not cheap. I am trying to decide if I will just make the purse for me and make something else or buy something for my mom and mother in law. I would love to give this to my mom but if I spend this much on my mother in law and she hates it then I will be upset. B likes everything to be even so if I make one for my mom (who I don't care how much I spend) then I will have to spend the same amount on my mother in law. Decsions. Decsions. I may need to find a cheaper pattern as the ones I am making call for 100% wool so they can be felted.

Well this update is long. I hope it was not too boring. It is now after 3pm and I better get something to eat since I didn't eat yet today and had to drive the Devil car (that is a whole other story) and it was hot outside. I also want to watch Raising Helen
before B gets home but it is so late now I don't think I can. As I was searching online before posting my update I found out it is cheaper to buy yarn from JoAnn's online than at the store – I am not too happy about that so I better get offline before I think about it too much.

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