November 17, 2004

I'm Back

My dad is out of surgery and so far is doing fine. The doctors were able to drain the bleeding and as my mom said "his brain bounced right back" – isn’t the brain a lovely thing? Talk about a load off my shoulders.

Thanks for all the emails of support and thanks to Beth (who I met thru blogging) for the supportive comment that you left). It really helped. Now that I actually got to sleep a bit more last night I am back to work (oh boy .... how I want to be back at home).

Last night I started on my mother-in-law’s Christmas present. I was going to make her a purse/bag but B just was not too excited about it when I showed him the photo. I told him I would make her an afghan instead. So, I looked in my stash of free patterns and found the pattern for this throw.

Since this should only take me about 6 hours I am thinking it is do-able. I don’t like fringe and was planning to make it without but when I mentioned it to B, he said ‘Why can’t you do the fringe?’ So I guess I am making the fringe. So, with pattern in hand I went to buy some yarn. It was not until I was at the store that I realized I needed 23 balls!!!!!!! Sheesh! I bought out Jo-Ann’s, then went across the street and bought all but one ball at Michael’s! LOL! I did not buy any extra and I am not checking my gauge so I hope it is not enough. If I don’t do the fringe, I am sure I will be fine. Since my mom-in-law is very into Southwestern stuff, I chose the following yarn:

Lion Brand Jiffy – El Paso

The throw is crocheted with 3 strands so I am using 3 balls at a time. I started on it last night but the 2nd row gave me so much trouble I had to keep starting over. This is my first time working with this type of yarn and it just did not look right. By the time I stopped to go to bed I had been working on it for about 3 hours and I think I am now only on row #5. There are 40 rows total. I have some work to do. I think I was just distracted by the return of The Amazing Race!!!! Yeah!!!! I am so glad that this show is back on the tube! It just cracks me up that the race went for 2 days before the first person was eliminated. The team eliminated kept going on how it was the best experience ever etc. I find it funny that they sounded like they have been in this race for a long time and yet it was only one night and 2 days. LOL! I was so into watching the show that I messed up a couple of stitches and had to do a row and a half over again. LOL! It is all good though. Tonight I plan on sitting on my butt and working on it like crazy. It is a very simple stitch and should work up very quickly. Unfortunately, I don’t have a digital so I cannot share my progress.

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  1. Hello,

    I am very happy to hear the surgery went well and your dad is doing fine. I can understand how it would cause worry for you.

    I like the afghan pattern. The fringe is pretty, but I know I tend to like blankets without it. I always end up picking at the fringe and then the whole thing starts to fall apart.

    I hope you're able to complete the afghan and I know your mother-in-law will love it. It's a great gift, made from the heart.


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