November 8, 2004


I am so ticked right now I cannot even see my computer screen. Here at work we use an online database for just about everything. When someone sends out the link to the database the person who gets the link has to request access. This is a not a new concept. This is not anything new. Every database you want to access you will need to request access. The owner will then give you access and set you up at a certain level.

There is a database that I used daily that is specific to my job. People on my team ask me questions where I have to go and look in the database. I have been speaking to my manager about allowing the entire team access for a few months now. He thought it was a good idea but never did anything (he is the owner of the database). Today I sent an email to my entire team giving them the link to the database and telling them what they can use it for. Everyone loved it but one. Of course this jerk had to email me back that I should have the access all set up prior to telling people about the database. Clicking on the button to ask for access is a daily thing. This is nothing new. I do not know what his problem is. This is not the first time he has send an email that could be considered rude. I tried to talk to him but he was a jerk about it so I sent the email to my manager stating that I found the email response rude and I know he has been talked to about this before. So get this. My manager who likes to drag people in his office while talking to the other is making me feel as if I am the one at fault! I told him I will not speak anymore about this. I told him that no one will get access to the database and we will continue doing things the way we are doing them now. They can all thank the jerk who has been on my nerves ever since I had to teach him in a training class he attended. He thinks he is so above everyone else and is a big 'know-it-all'. I have pasted the emails below. Tell me what you think?

Here is my email:

Hi team,

I wanted to share this database with you. This is the database for customers that request email changes. If you have a customer that is asking about the status of their email change you can search in this database to see if they have submitted anything and if so read the case notes of where we stand with the customer's request ( need additional documentation, etc.). Please be aware that if the customer only faxed in their request and we have not gotten to it yet it will not show in this database. If you need any help concerning email changes or have any additional questions feel free to speak to any of us on the E-team.

And here is his response to me:

Just a thought dear lady. If your going to invite someone to a database, it might be helpful if we have the permissions. In this case, you might have given Mr. (Manager name) the request to allow our team to view the database before sending out the below email. Just a thought.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your bad day. The guy does sound a little condescending.

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