November 15, 2004

It is late....

I had planned to go to bed early tonight. Instead, I am online surfing Blog Explosion even though I am not finding any good ones (well except for one I will have to share later). I am just surfing because I wanna win some darn credits! So far, I have won 4. Whoop-dee-do!

B is asleep and I am trying to scrap. I finally got some new ink cartridges and I am ready to start printing to my heart's content. As long as I don't wake up B with my typing, I am good to go.

I think I am just trying to keep my mind on other things. My dad was admitted straight to ICU today for bleeding in his brain. Talk about scary. I am trying my hardest not to think about it. We find out in the morning what type of action they will take.

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  1. Hello,

    I am sorry to hear about the concerns about your dad. I hope it all turns out well and I wanted to let you know, I'm willing to listen [read] if you need an ear [eyes].

    I hope the typing didn't wake B up.


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