November 20, 2004

LO: Sammy's 1st Birthday (an old layout)

I know that I have had these layouts posted on my sidebar for quite awhile but I never posted what supplies were used and plus since I am going to be updating my sidebar and adding links to my pages I needed to upload so that I would have a link. Like you really were interested in knowing that right? LOL!~

This layouts is 4 pages (8.5 x 11)

Supplies used:

Cardstock - Bazzill
Birthday stickers and letter boxes - DoodleBug cardstock stickers (I think)

Letter stickers - Provo Craft
Negative holder painted with Cornflower blue paint


  1. I love the layout! Doodlebug is my all time favorite stuff to scrap with - you were able to put in lots of pictures without creating overkill - nicely done! Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. You are an amazing scrap booker! I love the pages you come up with, one day I will be that creative! :)

  3. Riss - Thank you so much. :-)


  4. i was at work one very slow tired friday, and in boredom typed in my daughters name...Nyssa, and came across this cute scrapbooking site, very cute....Im just curious where the name Nyssa came from for this site..Its a name that is not so popular, very unique in fact, so i like to hear stories behind it...

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