January 7, 2005


Today was the day I decided to get some yarn for some projects for myself. I have four projects picked out that will be just for me. Three are crochet and one is knit.

I started my adventure by stopping by Michael's since they are the only store that carries Frenzy by Bernat. This yarn is for the poncho that I finally decided to make. They had it but not all the colors I needed. At over $5.50 a skein, this poncho will sure end up being expensive since I need 10 skeins total. Since they do not carry all the colors used in the pattern, I have to decide if I still want to make it (heck yes!) so now I need to find a place to buy online I guess. I also need size 11 knitting needles, which they were out of by the way. The next project I want to make is a crocheted afghan. This afghan calls for LionBrand Wool-Ease. Since this yarn is much cheaper, this may be my next project. However, the store did not have all the colors I needed. Okay to be honest they had one of the five needed colors. So off I went to look for yarn for pattern #3. It is a crocheted capelet using Berroco Suede. It was a no go with finding the Berroco either. Now while I am looking I find a free pattern for a knit poncho. It says beginner but the pattern looks like there is more to it, as I would have to use three different needle sizes, including a circular for the neck. I even looked for the needles and yarn and they did not have it. So, I decided to look for the crochet thread and needle for the thread-along I am joining. Would you believe that they did not even have that! So I said good-bye to Michel's and drove across the street to the super Jo-Ann's.

Jo-Ann's was not much better but I did have a little bit of success. Jo-Ann's does not carry the Frenzy and they were out of size 11 knitting needles. They did manage to have two of the colors for the crocheted afghan but that still was not enough. I looked for the items needed for the free pattern I got at Michael's and they did not have any of the colors. As I expected they did not have the Berroco Suede. I was able to find the size 7 crochet hook I needed and the crochet thread. As I was waiting to check out the woman in front of me handed me a 40% off coupon so all was good!

On the way home I decided to stop by Ben Franklins. I do not know why as they never have anything in stock. I am always disappointed when I go in there yet I keep stopping by. I can say that the only thing they had was the Berroco brand! Of course they did not have the Suede. As I was leaving the store they had a table advertising 25% off the Christmas scented Yankee candles. There were three scents (Christmas cookie, Home for the holidays and Holiday Bayberry). The Bayberry is my favorite. I took the candle to the register and was promptly told it was not on sale because it was not a 'holiday' scent. They are such idiots. Needless to say I did not purchase it.

Now I am home and I think I may start on the thread crochet, look online for yarn or finish up some already started scrapbook pages. I plan to post some finished projects to my site as well.

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