January 15, 2005

Finally get to relax

After a very busy week that included lots of extra work and overtime, I was so happy to be able to sleep in this morning. It felt so good!

I really did not do very much today. Threw some beans in the crock-pot and planned to scrap the day away. I just could not get in the mood to scrap though. I could not get in the mood to do anything.

B usually goes out with the guys on Saturdays so I had planned to watch a chick flick and scrap. He ended up staying home so we watched Troy and I started to knit my first project. I am just making a garter stitch scarf with two colors. I think I finally have it down. I must say though that my hands are killing me. Not only do the tips of my thumbs and index fingers hurt due to the points but my entire right hand kind of spasmed up. I may be holding the yarn too tight or I just may not be used to it yet. I can say I am pretty pleased with my progress so far and I was able to cast on a new color with no problems. That was not the case last night or any of my prior attempts. I was so frustrated last night. I think it is because I am a perfectionist when it comes to making something. I am sure knitting will not be an exception. I am working with LionBrand Wool-Ease and I love it! I have another project I want to start that uses this yarn so I am glad to be able to 'test' it out first. I am not one to pre-buy yarn but I told B tonight that I am going out to buy a big plastic bin to store my left over yarn and any I may decide to buy. I also warned him that the yarn store has so many pretty colors. I do not think he was paying attention though.

As for my thread project, I have not worked on it for a couple of days. I plan to work on it some this weekend though. I am halfway finished with it so I need to find another one to start.

I will be sure to post my progress on all my works-in-progress this weekend. I am just so happy the work week is over and now I get to relax! Yeah to a 3.5 day weekend!

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