January 27, 2005

Nyquil daze

Yesterday just seemed to drag on forever. After work I should have gone home but instead went to Michael's. I bought some yarn. It took me forever to decided on what to buy and I ended up with 2 different colors and styles. I am planning on making a couple more scarves to practice my stitches. I don't know why I bought more yarn as I am not yet finished with my current projects and we will not mention the projects still in the closet that I started years ago. I was thinking I could use a smaller knitting needles so I did not buy any, but since I bought bulky yarn I should use my size 10 needles. I only have 2 needles so far (7 &10) and the 10's are being used right now so I did not start any new projects last night. I almost bought some pink thread to make a heart doily but changed my mind and put it back. Then of course I bought a big 'ole stack of patterned paper when I already have tons. I DO NOT NEED ANYMORE PATTERNED PAPER!!!! I will never learn though. I bought this stack and I do not even know what is in it - so I hope I like it. LOL! So now I am feeling totally guilty for buying stuff that I should not have.

I took some Nyquil last night so today I am a bit loopy. Being loopy at work is fun. Talk about not being able to concentrate. If I thought my typos were bad before.....well today it is worse. I am sure that if I close my eyes I will fall asleep immediately.

I am going to finally post the pictures of some recently finished projects. I have been stalling because I made some of them for gifts and one of my sister-in-laws has not yet received hers and I think she may read my blog. I have also posted some recent layouts on the sidebar and will post info on them soon.

But for now you can go here for a huh? type picture. I find this picture funny but also wonder what they were thinking? Since I live in an extremely warm climate I am sure I would be freezing to death. Is this just something the cold does to a person? Seems kind of loopy to me. LOL!

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  1. I like your new layouts. Very awesome.

    I have the same problem with buying paper. It never fails if I walk into a Michael's (or other scrapping stores) that I walk out with more paper. I think I only have like 500 sheets right now.

    Loopy days are fun.


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