January 8, 2005


The desert rarely gets snow. We have one small mountain (with ski slopes nonetheless) that gets very little snow. When it does snow, it is a big deal. The last time B and I saw snow was on our cruise to Alaska we took in 2002. We wanted to get out today so we decided (well I decided) to drive up the mountain as far as our little no 4-wheel drive/no chains Civic would take us. We stopped a little before the cut-off for chains and found an area that did not have too many people (just one family of four). It was nice. Of course, as you can tell in the photo B liked to cover me in snow. It was non-stop. What I find funny is even though there was snow on the ground it was not cold. We did not need to wear our jackets and B was only wearing a t-shirt. I did end up getting very wet though.

Now I do admit it (and I even mentioned to B). I can now scrap SNOW pictures!!!!! You do know that is the only reason we went right? :-)

Afterwards we stopped at Marie Calendars for lunch/dinner with my very wet pants then headed home. Now it is SCRAP time and I am hoping to get a lot accomplished.


  1. I love it! Great pictures. I completely understand the wanting to go out and do something just to take pictures and scrapbook them. My scrapping buddies and I went to Duluth, Minnesota just to take pictures of the leaves changing colors. I went to Vegas with a friend just to take pictures for scrapbooks. I have found that scrapbooking (yes, I use it as a verb too) has made me go out and do more things. It's great!

    Fun post. I'm glad you had a fun day up in the mountains.


  2. Lovely snow photos. Here in coastal South Carolina, wer are in the midst of a warm snap.

    It hasn't snowed here more than an inch in over 15 years.

    Vera's Crafty Blog

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