January 4, 2005

The holidays are over

....and it is back to the grind. No time off for awhile.

Work is starting to pick up. My team alone has hundreds of cases to work on and we are losing one of the guys tomorrow because we have been told that although our job is important it is not as important as people who call into the phones. So since I am skipping lunch on some days my posting to my journal will probably be almost non-existent. Of course I say this now thinking ahead to me being exhausted and tired of the computer but I will probably post as often as usual.

I got to listen to a few calls on the new software yesterday and I must say some people are not so bright. For example, one customer wanted to know why her balance was negative. As she is reading the totals in her account to us she is not getting it. "oh I have total cash sales of $50.00 then I deposited $600.00" Ummmm hello where did you get that extra $550.00? I will not tell you how long the call took. Then we get the customer who could not get a receipt to print. All I can tell you is I have never heard an person more angry when they realized they had to click the print button to get the darn thing to print! That is just a sampling of my day and what I have to look forward to when I start taking calls again on Wednesday.

Monday was B's birthday. I took him out for dinner for his favorite meal of legs. King crab legs that is! Why couldn't I have married a man with not so expensive tastes?

Since today is Tuesday I am hoping to get to watch The Amazing Race tonight. I am not too happy I missed an episode because the network changed the time, but it appears I am not the only one who missed it so now I feel better. I want to go work out at Curves tonight but need to check the show times first. How sad is that? TV before exercise? Well it will not be the first time.

Since my life is not that exciting and who knows when I will post next, I leave you with a prior post to waste away the time. Be sure to post your longest time! Enjoy!

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  1. I'm sorry, this is going to sound really dumb to you, but since I don't know about the woman's account, I have to ask:

    If she had $50 (or even withdrew $50), then deposited $600, as you said in your post, wouldn't her account be positive, not negative? I'm just curious, since spending $50, then depositing $600 doesn't come out negative on my end. Could you clarify?

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