September 18, 2006

Clearly on the right track

One of my goals at the moment is to get every scrap book item into or around my new Target cubes. I no longer want to my scrappy place to be crappy. But lately, I have not accomplished that much. I seem to have gotten distracted with organizing the inside of some of the drawers of the new cubes.

Thanks to my friend, Awendybird for finding these really cool clear bead containers at Target. I bought a ton. I am using them for my embellishments. Well the ones that don’t really have a current home.

So now I ask you…..

What am I supposed to do with these?

I have a ton. They are cute but totally not a great way to store something. How could they be when anything that gets stored in them ends up outside of the container. I have never understood why someone would create a container that does not even stay closed?

Has anyone ever tried to alter them?

So back to the topic on hand.

Since I am just starting to get all my stuff together so far I have just thrown everything into the drawers.

I went from this……

…to this.

I hope to get crackin’ again with organizing the big stuff. I tried to work on it this weekend, but when I went to put together a Target cube, it had a broken piece. I don’t know if I should wait and see if the company will send me a replacement or if I should just exchange it at Target. What do you think?


  1. take the cube back to Target and get a new one. I did that once. They not only exchanged it but gave me a $10 GC for my trouble. LOVE that!

    Goody on the eyelet storage. I did the SAME thing last week. I am gearing up to crank some pages out...


  2. I think I may just end up taking it back. I have it all packed up. I think it would probably be quicker to take it back than wait for a replacement part.

    That is cool that they gave you a GC when you took yours back. My Target is not so cool. :(

    Thanks for the comments on the storage. I like seeing everything in these containers. I cannot wait to use it all up so I can buy more. LOL!

  3. Love love lovin it Stef! I went and got three more the other day and filled several. I need more buttons (and a few more bead containers before they are gone!).

    Take the cube back. Thats what I always do. And you know you wanna be like me *lol*

  4. I agree, take the cube back to Target! Who knows how long it would take to get a replacement part. I'd love to see what you come up with for those little containers. I have a zillion of those somewhere. So cute, but what a pain...little tiny pieces everywhere. I emptied my also. So glad I did.

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