September 9, 2006

Going downhill...

Today has been a weird day.

It seems that all my bad news wanted to save itself and hit me all in one day.

Uncle is sick, really sick. My Dad told me a couple of days ago that the liver he got was too healthy for his body. That the doctors have moved on to Plan B. This morning, I was told the liver is now bleeding. Thinking about it all makes me so sad that I find myself crying.

We called the mechanic today. The icky car is officially dead. It needs an entire new engine, starting cost somewhere around $1500.00. The car is a '94 Nissan Sentra and I don't even think it is worth that much. B wants to get another motorcycle. It would save on gas but I do NOT want him to ride another bike.

I watched a movie today that I have wanted to see for a long time. Amélie. Have you seen it? It made me feel happy. Why do French films seem to be the only ones that make me feel good? I told B that French films seem to be my favorite. I think it is because I get to watch them all by myself and really enjoy them.

Now I am just sitting here in front of the computer. I want to do something but I am in such a mood that nothing looks good. I find myself just staring out the window. Sometimes I wish my life were a movie ~ things always work out great in movies.


  1. so sorry about your uncle.

    Amelie is one of my favorite all time movies. I have watched it over and over. I can actually say it is one of the few movies that I own.

  2. Thanks Rach.

    I think that this movie is one of my favorites as well and I don’t know why I waited so long to see the entire thing. I always would catch just bits and pieces. I think this may be on my list as the next movie I buy. 

  3. Ok, this is just too sad! I'm sending you a hug girl! Hang in there and don't forget to pray for comfort. You need and deserve it.

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