March 14, 2008

Fridays are lovely

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So you know what?

I am dang tired!

This getting up early thing is SO not my style. This past week has been so hard for me when it has been time to get out of bed. I can say that I behaved and did get up when the alarm went off but I was NOT happy about it. Nope! Not one bit! I really hope that I feel better after the weekend. But who knows, I am so far behind in doing stuff I am sure that this weekend will just fly past.

Today I was pretty much all on my own (except for an hour in the morning). The gal who is helping me learn the job will be back at her own hospital on Monday. So now, I am all alone. There is a lot to do but the really detailed part has to wait until I go to the State’s training class. Who knows when that will be. I am wishing already that I had a laptop so I could take it with me while I am out of town. No computer or Internet for a week will probably drive me crazy. LOL! Once I am trained, I can then start to work on the 2-years of backlog that is sitting on the shelf staring at me every day.

At least the job can be entertaining. I tell you…this department is sure full of drama.

This past week, one of the gals walked around and told everyone that on St. Patrick’s day we were to bring green colored snacks. Not dishes or a meal, but just snacks. Someone posted a paper on the wall saying to bring snacks and a few of the gals wrote down their name and what they were bringing. Well that is when all heck broke loose. Apparently, if you put of a sign-up sheet that means it is a pot-luck. There are 2 sections in the department and the other section was not very happy about this. The manager of one section actually had a meeting with the section that posted the sign. I even heard someone mention HR. Then if that was not enough, the gals (who posted the sign) brought it up again the next day. I am so NOT getting into any drama at this job. I have had enough of that to last me the rest of my lifetime. So, I printed my name on the paper and I am bringing green Oreos.

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  1. When I was in college I worked at the law library and had to be up at 4 am in order to get ready and take the bus to the school to open in time. To this day I still cannot believe I did that for a whole school year! I loved that job but man is that early! I know I couldn't do it now. Dragging my behind out of bed to drive people to school and work at 630 am is way too early now!

    Love the pic!

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