March 9, 2008

I must be growing up

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You know what is weird about getting up super early to go to work? Being tired before the news comes on at 10pm. I am lucky if I can even make it that late. I have NEVER been that way. Even on the weekends, I find myself waking up early and of course, I end up going to bed early as well. This is so NOT the norm for me. This job has changed me and it has only been 2 weeks! I have turned into the husband! This cannot be! LOL! I was always the night owl and I never would get up early unless I HAD to.

The husband has a new work schedule. He now has 2 days off in a row and instead of us spending Sundays together, we now will be putting up with each other on Saturdays. It was weird having him home 2 days in a row. Saturday we woke up early and actually went to Kohl’s early bird sale. We were there at 8am. All his doing mind you. I was shocked. We have never done that. It was fun. Then we went to breakfast, over 2 hours later!

Today I had the place to myself. It was a pretty lazy day around here. I cannot even remember what I did. I can tell you that I did NOT do all the stuff I really wanted to do today. Oh and you know what? I am tired.

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  1. okay so i sort of stumbled on your blog cause of the scrapping thing, but i am really enjoying your photography and your new job stories.hope you do not mind me commenting. i get the sleep thing. i went back to work 2 years ago and have turned into a party pooper, but in my days off i go right back to the night owl thing.

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