March 3, 2008


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Today was a good day. If it weren’t for the fact that I had to go in for my second TB test the day would have been SUPER!

It was a pretty chilly and windy today but I only had to endure it for the walk from the parking lot to the door. I did go outside for a bit of a break but was almost blown away so it was a pretty short outside break.

I spent the morning training with Deb and she left me alone again in the afternoon. I finally got access to the servers and was able to get a lot accomplished this afternoon. At least there is one section of the job that I feel confident that I can do. However, it is a very tiny portion and I would be concerned if I was not comfortable with it.

Went to the parents this afternoon after work and got to see their cute little puppy, which has grown so much in the short time since they got it. At least this time I got pictures. I hope to share those soon because they turned out really cute.

Well nothing else exciting to report…well I take that back. Tonight we had Chinese. Yum!!

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