March 4, 2008

Just one of those days

*a pair of roses*
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So far each morning I have been pretty lucky in the parking department. Today...not so much.

The hospital is doing massive construction and there is just no place to park. Employees are not allowed to park in the parking garage in front of the hospital and there is just one small lot near the hospital. I had heard about the 'other' place we were to park if this small lot is full but never had to experience it until today.

I had to drive quite a ways past the hospital and past all the construction for the new hospital buildings. I found a spot and got ready for a hike. And a hike it was. Lots of dirt and the level of the dirt lot is higher than the actual area we walk on to get to the hospital. It is so far away there is a shuttle (well a golf cart) to drive employees to the hospital. I was not lucky enough to encounter the shuttle on my way. Once at the hospital, I then had to walk thru the construction site. The walk way is surrounded by chain link fence and leads to the door. It reminded me of all those construction sites I see on TV. I guess that isn't make believe.

The parking was not the only thing that did not go as usual. I was so not paying attention this morning that I left behind all my important papers for work (passwords etc).

Here's hoping that Wednesday is much better. Tomorrow is Wednesday, right?

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